Workshop on Science, Ethics And Religious Transformation In Ottoman Modernization - Ercüment Asil

Place & Time

  • Özbekler Dervish Lodge (ISAR Center for Specialization)
  • Will be determined at the first meeting


    This workshop aims to form a long-term reading, discussion and research group and to help participants conduct their own research and publication.


    At the center of the readings will be primarily the Turkish and secondarily the Arabic reading-and-speaking world. We would also be pleased to see students who are familiar with a third language of research. In terms of content, in the first place, the focus will be on the impact of science on the modernization of the state and society as well as on the debates on religion and ethics, and in this manner, the relations with actors and issues such as the law, bureaucracy, intellectuals, scholars, education and so on will be frequently examined.

    Although a general framework for reading is literature, changes can be made according to the needs and general tendency of the group.

    Phases of the Workshop

    The workshop is planned to consist of two phases. In the first phase, an infrastructure will be established by reading and discussing the main issues and issues of the literature (especially in the context of science and religion) through secondary sources, and in the second phase direct primary sources will be discussed. In the third phase, researchers will identify and examine more narrowly defined topics, issues, and/or sources.

    Who can apply?

     Students from all fields who want to do research on the subject can apply. In principle, students are expected to be in their final year of undergraduate studies or in pursuit of a graduate program. However, candidates who have the necessary academic interest and skills, even if they are in lower classes, or who have a special status, can apply mentioning these conditions in their application.

    Since most of the secondary resources are in English, applicants should be at least at the advanced level with respect to reading English texts.

    The student should be able to use at least one research language effectively or he/she has begun to learn it seriously and should arrive in a short time at a condition where they can use it.

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